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    Trees are an important aspect of any property, but they require careful attention and expert service. Fortunately, you can count on L&J Tree Service to be your trusted tree care company in Medford, OR.
    We will trim your canopy to ensure your tree's branches are all at a healthy length. We can also handle tree removal for trees that are particularly old or hazardous to your lawn.
    As professional tree workers, we offer free inspections of your trees and shrubs. We can address your concerns and make recommendations to help the trees.
    As part of our service, we inform you of our findings and will offer solutions to best resolve your individual needs. L&J has the experience, knowledge, and know-how to handle large or small projects.
    Our company offers fire fuel reduction, threat assessment of hazards, and fire-fighting experience to help you identify problems. Let us work for you.
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Our Services

Emergency services
Hazardous Tree Removals

Hanging or falling tree branches can be deceiving. They are heavy and can seriously injure someone without warning. We come to you and take a look at your concerned areas and assess the situation. Then we can offer the best options available to treat your specific needs. Get rid of the falling branches and the scary feeling of, "will today be the day the tree branch breaks?" We can offer fast service and quality work. Don't worry one more night and call L&J Tree Service LLC at (541) 531-8361.

Stump removal
Stump Grinding

We not only take your trees down without incident, but we can just about make it disappear with stump grinding service. Our professionals target your tree and the surrounding root system with equipment that chops everything into very small chips. Our service is to grind the unsightly base and sometimes the root systems in the area of the old tree or the tree being removed. Stump Grinding service can be completed the same day as your tree removal with prior knowledge.

Fire fuel reduction
Fire Fuel Reduction

Let us help you get fire-ready or better protected from fire. Our company works very closely with local firefighters to keep up on new trends and better forest protection plans. Call us today and let us put our knowledge to work for you and your family.

Tree trimming
Pruning & Shaping of all Types of Trees

Our company can properly prune your trees no matter what type you have. We have the ability to help your trees recover faster with the use of proper cutting techniques in tree pruning. This will ensure the tree will heal from the cutting of the material being removed because we know where to cut on the trees. This knowledge comes from years of experience in tree service. Not all tree companies are the same. We stand ready to put our skills, knowledge, and over 30 years of combined experience to work for you. L&J Tree Service LLC has the tools, touch, care, quality, and the ability to complete any task. Call (541) 531-8361 and put us to work for you today.

Mistletoe Removal

Don't let the parasite win. Keep your trees beautiful by removing the aggressive parasite today. Every day the mistletoe is robbing your trees of important water and nutrients. Call us to get it removed today.

Storm clean up
Storm Clean Up

After crazy winds make a mess in your yard, we can remove the branches and yard debris quickly and efficiently. Call us today at L&J Tree Service LLC.

Tree climbing
Emergency Tree Service

Life happens and it's important to stay safe. We understand how important family is. The protection of your personal belongings is always treated with the utmost priority. We monitor our phones 24 hours a day for quick responses to emergency situations. When you have surprises, call us at (541) 531-8361 to avoid shock. Emergency tree trimming ensures the safety of your home and property.

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